Director’s Message

Ms. Reena Sethi                                                                Director-the-british-school

Education is an excellent tool for bringing about change in life. It helps the learner to understand his/her existence in relation with the environment one lives in. It helps to develop personality in an individualistic manner and yet be in harmony with nature. Holistic learning that helps further relationships with individuals, family, society and the nation is our focus, as these days learning to live together has become a vital pillar in the process of education. Earlier important areas like Emotional and Spiritual well being that were taken care of at home, have now come under the direct purview of schools.

TBS understands the emotional needs of kids and accordingly stretches them intellectually. We want our children to think deeper, be creative and to understand how they can make a difference in the world. We encourage them to take big bites of experiences while we try to feed that hunger. TBS constantly safeguards and nurtures the sensitive human being in every child, to accomplish its mission of bringing about all round development.

Information brings about knowledge explosion so through activities which provide them with ample opportunities to activate their intellectual and creative exploration we promote academic excellence. Values are instilled early and students learn to take pride and pleasure in their accomplishments thus keeping the “Aha” factor fresh. The whole school atmosphere is surcharged to give a rich meaningful experience to the students. If you are looking for quality education for your child, TBS is the right choice for you, as we blend joy and passion with academics in a fun environment. Your child will enjoy being a part of our energetic field.