Our children must be inspired to look ahead and prepare themselves for finding their own unique place in the country and in the rapidly globalizing world.

School Building and Campus:

The British School holds four different well equipped and spacious campus in tricity.The school has an impressive and well designed building with naturally lit corridors. A colourful exterior with a lush garden, air conditioned interiors, inviting reception area , an atrium cum amphitheatre, spacious classrooms, ergonomic furniture. The strategically located offices and staff rooms ensure 100% supervision, thoughtfully designed washrooms,water coolers with RO facility, well-equipped computerlab, multipurpose hall, electronic lab, audio visual facility, workshops, libraries and rooms for creative activities such as art, painting, music, dance, etc are some of the features of the school campus.There is a multistoried block with two levels for Foundation Years & Senior classes. Effective surveillance system: CCTV cameras are installed in the classrooms to keep a check on all the happenings and to maintain discipline.

Art Room

The foundation of each class is drawing. All students learn the basics of drawing and colouring. Art techniques with pencil, markers, pastels, ink, acrylic, and watercolors are demonstrated and taught. Personal creativity is stressed and encouraged.Art supplies are available in ample quantities in all class rooms and children are encouraged to use them judiciously. Art is the basis of writing skills, number skills and logical thinking; hence, it plays a very important role in learning at The British School. The art club brings out the artistic abilities of the students and makes a consistent effort in bringing forth the creative geniuses among the TBSites by creating sculpture and art out of waste.


The school believes that there is no better way to gain knowledge and wisdom than reading a book. The school has started a system of class libraries where books are kept in every section from TinkerBell to Stage-XII. These books are carefully selected by teachers keeping in mind the age group of children.Under the guidance of the School Director many book titles widely considered to be ‘good reading’, a range of classics, many DVDs, a host of reference books including Dictionaries, Encyclopedias and other material is available for students as well as staff members.

Computer Lab

As computers have become an integral, rather than adjunct, part of the educational process, its been ensured that the well equipped computer lab has adequate lighting and air circulation, including air conditioning and ergonomically designed computer tables with keyboard drawers.Our computer lab has Pentium IV computers, equipped with, 27×7 Internet access and speakers. The room has reflective, non glare fluorescent lighting and is equipped with a white board , lots of display area and ample storage space .Besides ensuring uninterrupted power supply through individual UPS on every station, a huge generator with 62 Kva capacity is linked to the lab to ensure 24×7 power connectivity. The lab also has a networked laser printer.The server station features a file server ,a flatbed scanner, a printer and an advanced photo copier machine, all accessible from any networked computer on school campus.

E-class rooms

The British School, has implemented Teachnext, an interactive class room solution, to provide world-class education for their students. Teachnext, developed by TATA Interactive Systems, for the Stage-12 helps teachers deliver high quality instruction, with an effective blend of classroom activities and interactive multimedia demonstrations. The British School, is the first school in Tricity to implement this solution for the benefit of the students to make them better equipped for tomorrow’s world.The Teachnext solution will consist of the latest technology equipment viz. projector, updation of content via cloud computing so that real-time updates are classroom possible. Apart from technology the biggest USP is the way in which Teachnext has been conceptualized i.e. Multiple Learning Experiences Model and empowering teachers with the Lesson Plan approach. It has a core in-house creative team, which consists of teachers, instructional designers and software programmers who continuously create, develop and upload the lesson content.

Music Room

There is a music room in the school which helps in developing the musical intelligence of the children.The children are encouraged to recite and sing their rhymes, school songs, National anthem, National song and other festival songs with live music. They are also taught to play various instruments depending on their abilities.

Resource Room

This is a place where students have a variety of options to explore and learn. It is well equipped with audio-visual systems, a T.V, Dish TV Connection, and other essential elements which make learning more enjoyable


Physical education is an integral part of school life for the overall development of the child. It helps them build character and lets them become more social with other kids. Through sports not only the physical strength can be gained but they learn some of life’s skills like leadership quality, confidence building, team work, sportsman ship and to accept winning and losing gracefully.
We, at The British School provide multiple facilities to keep our students actively involved in all sports activities. Sports like cricket, skating, karate, lawn tennis, table soccer,  chess are being played during the sports period. Regular Inter house sports competitions and participation in Punjab and CBSE Cluster Games are conducted.Our endeavour is to identify and train new talent amongst the students.

Sand pit

A low and wide circular sand pit is available in the school yard where sand provides a medium in which children can pretend to explore, construct, and destroy the world in three dimensions. Sandpits encourage the imaginations and creativity of children by providing the materials and space to build structures such as sandcastles; use spades, shovels, and buckets to move the sand around; dig holes and bury things, etc

Splash pool

Water play helps the child develop socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually. In a splash pool they may develop large muscles as they learn to float, kick and splash.

Multi Purpose Hall

The school has a modern, aesthetically designed, air-conditioned hall. It is equipped with the latest sound and public address system. The hall is equipped with the latest Projector system and portable big screen to enable audio visual learning.It has multipurpose utility and is used for assemblies / dance/ and other training sessions for parents as well as staff/ small get together..