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International School In Mohali

The British School is an “international” school

The British School Is An “International” School

The British School is an international school in mohali rooted in Indian values. It aims to provide education with global standards. This will not only make students studying in the school eligible for higher education in the institutions across the world, but also give NRI’s settled abroad an opportunity to send their children to a school where they have a better idea of the social system back home. Many other such schools are already functioning in the southern states of India.

The school has an ambition of creating life long learners by developing their skills as academic achievers, progressive intellectuals, effective conversationalist and empowered populace who not only think local but act global.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be deeply rooted in India’s values and culture. To be recognized as a Centre of Excellence in the field of education by meeting the challenges of the present & the future. To grow rapidly by establishing a strong tradition of high quality, reliable and effective education. We want children to be proud of themselves, their achievements and their school.

The Ethos of our School

  •  Every person is valued and each child is known and cared for.
  •  Cooperation is preferred to competition And all successes are shared
  • Difficulties are talked through. Compassion and forgiveness is present
  • Equal opportunity is given and lively enquiring minds are developed
  • Where the well-being of our school community is at heart.
  • Higher Order Thinking Questions (HOTs)
  • HOTs for Class X is mainly for Math, Economics, Physics etc to assess the students’ understanding, analytical ability and interpretation.

Why Be Part Of The British School, Why Us?

• An application-based international education reduces the stress of your child’s learning process.
• A talented team of trained teachers.
• Student-centred methodology empowers your child to blossom as a unique personality.
• Flexible international curriculum gives your child the best of both worlds: international exposure with Indian ethos.
• The British School has Certification from IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education).
• World Class facilities and infrastructure create an ideal environment for learning, evolving and growing.

IGCSE- Benefits for the students:

1. IGCSE is a high profile qualification with an excellent reputation.
2. IGCSE provides a foundation for higher-level courses as A and O levels.
3. Study and examination at IGCSE provide a broad knowledge base and learning skills serve an excellent preparation for employment.