K.B.S. SIDHU ( I.A.S.) Secretary to Govt. of Punjab, School Education.

Dear Parents                                                                           patron2

I am delighted to see such a visionary school coming up.” The British School’ combines the strengths of global education with innovation and ambition , which are the hallmarks of modern India. It provides an education which will allow children from a wide variety of backgrounds to move on with an international system of education.I strongly recommend the School for it’s unique approach to constructive learning, in line with an increasing number of top schools in India .

As India moves into the position of being among the leading nations of the world , our youth needs a sound education to build a strong nation.

I wish “ The British School” every success in it’s contribution to thenation as a leading School in north India, in the years to come.

With best wishes

Dr. K.K Khandelwal, I.A.S Addl.l Principal Secretary (C.M. HARYANA) Commissioner cum Director, Public Relations and Cultural Affairs Deptt.

Dear Parents                                                                      patron1

Schools of the 21st century will turn from buildings into nerve centres, with walls that are porous and transparent; they will be connecting teachers, students and the community, to the wealth of knowledge that exists in the world. At The British School success is defined as having the knowledge base, skills and attitudes to lead a fulfilled life and effectively engage in multiple adult roles. Today, India is poised as a global leader in many spheres. Many countries are looking at how India is handling different international issues. The need of the hour regarding the school in India (which is where all growth begins), is how to heighten professionalism on one hand while enhancing competency on the other.

The British School is providing an important step in the right direction.

With best wishes.