Play way School In Mohali

Play Way School In Mohali

Tinker Bell-play way at The British School has been designed to enrich the child’s development in a holistic manner. The curriculum is focused on a balance between spontaneous and guided learning experiences.


At TinkerBell, we will initiate a child into semi formal schooling. Though, “curriculum” is a very heavy word to use for such little hands and feet, there will be on offer many activities which are designed to introduce the children to the foundation of music, art, math, science and language.

Age Criteria
1.6 years in the month of February of the admission year.

School Timing
9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Monday to Friday

The children are encouraged to dress in casual and comfortable clothing.

The school takes care of all requirements pertaining to stationery.

TinkerBell is driven by a commitment to nurture your child’s potential from basics to beyond

Transition from home to school,We have a well thought out transition for the ‘parents’, who are handing over their most precious possessions to us. For the first few days, at least one parent/ grandparent is encouraged to accompany the child to school and let the child get used to the surroundings. Once the child starts venturing inside the classroom on his own, depending upon their level of anxiety the parent can leave the child for increasing length of time, till finally the child stays for the complete four hours.

A team of highly qualified teachers who have attended various in house seminars in Basic Education, Psychology, Family Life and Child Development, Positive Discipline, and Music are at the helm of affairs. An year long comprehensive training in association with Avalon Heights School, Mumbai has resulted in dedicated teachers with a passion for working with the  little ones.

Colourful Interiors Tinkerbell not only teaches through its teachers and lessons but also through the very environment they learn in. The colourful and child friendly furniture, toys, graphics, accessories all contribute to a multi-faceted approach to learning.

Folded Hands An ode to the Almighty, melodious rendition of the National Anthem and patriotic songs and choral recitation of small rhymes teaches the toddlers not just the musical notes but also how to achieve harmony in group activities.

Structured learning Each child is given the opportunity to explore and experiment. The children develop independence, language skills, sensory awareness, order, and routine through peer group interaction. The playgroup is introduced to English Alphabet as well as the numbers 1-10.

Tiffin Time The little ones may bring a small mid morning snack of fruit, finger food etc with a bottle of water and a hand towel. Basic table manners, sharing, chewing properly, healthy eating are just a few of topics that are covered as through teaching we continue to learn, and in learning from the child we teach better.

Secured Entry The entry gates are secured with 24 hour camera surveillance and are manned by a security guard 24×7. All visitors have to make an entry in the visitor’s register and the authorization taken over the intercom prior to entry to reception area of the school.

Happy Feet Dancing teaches little children how to listen- whether for the instructions or for the beat! Dancing at a young age is also a non- competitive activity and helps the children interact with their peer group in a positive manner. Happy feet = Happy kids and that is why dancing is a very important part of Tinker Bell play curriculum!

Art and Design Activities The little ones may bring a small mid morning snack of fruit, finger food etc with a The Tinker bell teachers create cognitive stimulation to have the children engaged in active thinking, discovery learning and environmental interaction. The aim is to help children see themselves as individuals and encourage them to continually express themselves in their own ways and to inculcate proper values and good habits.

Out in the Sunshine Nature walks, observing the birds and little insects as they go about their daily business, making and breaking sand castles, splashing in the cool waters of splash pool during the hot summer days and soaking up the sun while rocking on a horse during the winter days, running, hopping skipping in the schoolyard, climbing up the steps and sliding down with a whoosh! all help develop large and fine motor skills besides bringing an un explicable fun element to school time!

Washrooms TBS believes in providing a school environment that is clean and attractive, safe and secure, stimulating and enjoyable. The washrooms are equipped with child sized fittings and maids accompany the children to the washroom and help them use the facilities. A desired level of hygiene is ensured by keeping ample supplies of wet and dry tissues, liquid soap and sanitizers. The parents are required to ensure a change of clothing in the school bag to take care of minor ‘accidents’.

Safe Dispersal

The students are handed over only to the parents and authorized relatives. A group picture of the child with all people authorized to pick up the child has to be deposited in the school at the time of admission.

Even the closest relative is not handed over the child nor allowed to meet in absence of authorization from the parents.

In case of an emergency, a phone call to the school office by the parent, along with a hand written note through the messenger and a valid ID proof is mandatory to avoid inconvenience.