From the Principal’s Desk

Ms. Parvinder KaurPrincipal-the-british-schoo

Education is a continuous and creative process, the ultimate aim being to acquire knowledge. Due to globalization, commercialization and the advent of the internet, all boundaries have become irrelevant. Children these days therefore must think and act global. The British School encourages children to be proud of themselves and their achievements. We help them master new concepts and hone their skills, thus making learning more effective. We ignite young minds with discipline and inculcate moral values in them. All this results in making them responsible, problem solving and independent thinking adults.

Students need to acquire life-skills for facing and overcoming competition. We help them develop an inquisitive mind to explore and push forward through the frontiers of present day knowledge. This encompasses improvement, development of talent, widening of outlook, sharpening of vision, strengthening of character, showing concern for environment, cultivating clean habits, and experiencing the legitimate joys of life in a hundred more ways to make living in this world a pleasure. In short, we lay emphasis on the fact that there is much more to school – and life – than schoolwork. A well –rounded adult means developing friendships, learning teamwork, & developing leadership skills, According to me Education is all about, enriching one’s life, developing personality and preparing for adulthood