When your child can’t wait to go to school, it is an indication that the teachers really care and love the children. Safety is a priority.

image001We chose The British School for number of reasons. We are really impressed with the school as the parents are actively encouraged to participate in the child’s education where and when appropriate. They are given helpful information on a daily basis on their child’s progress through email. The PTM provides an opportunity to both the parents and the teachers to interact and get their view point across. Parents are free to seek an appointment whenever there is a concern about the child’s growth and development. Equally the school may seek to bring this to the parent’s attention and provides a calm image003atmosphere and caring environment with a broad range of teachers’ skills to nurture the children. Social skills are encouraged and our son has learned so many things.
Lokendra’s birthday was celebrated in school.

The children are treated as individuals, but emphasis is also put on working in groups. I feel that the teachers know my son very well, that he gets attention, praise and encouragement. The teachers are reliable, responsible and approachable.
image007Children are engaged in a wide variety of different activities and encouraged to participate but never forced to. My child noticeably improved his language skills within a few weeks of joining.  The physical environment is pleasant, especially the outdoor garden. We are very impressed with both the cleanliness and also the friendly and educational environment of the school. Our son is happy and settled.

image005In addition, the curriculum of the school is very much in line with the way we want to educate our son, Lokendra. We were particularly interested in the multidisciplinary way of education which we found here in the school. Now, Lokendra already shows his interest in music, dancing, and has started learning alphabets, number skills, patriotic song, poems, scribbling, gayatrimantra etc.

Thanks for making Lokendra’s time at the British School such a happy and settled one. I feel completely at ease image294because Lokendra is in a safe and caring environment but the most fundamental thing is that he enjoys it. I would have no hesitations in recommending The British School.

Ms. Pooja Kohli Lamba (Advocate), Mother of Lokaendra

It is so so inspirational and learning to observe Mr Sanjay Sethi and Mr Rajan Sethi. So humble, hard working and dedicated without even a scratch of arrogance. Sir, you give me reasons in life to be gentle and sorted, cheers!

True Gems

Gitesh Nigam

I sent my daughter to The British School because of the safe environment and educational possibilities that this school offers. The teachers and staff alike are well aware of the troubles that parents nowadays have in making a decision where to send their children to school.

Every year I am sending my daughter to this school I feel more confident than ever and she will have a better opportunity to learn all of the required skills to better prepare her for the technological world that lies ahead. Teachers communicate with the children and parents regarding any concerns with education and are more than willing to help the children with tutoring and keep the parents aware of any progress made.

I hope to continue on this journey of education with my daughter, and to send her to The British School school in the future possibly to earn some type of scholarship that would make her teachers very proud, along with her mother and father..

Mrs. Reshu Srivastav, Mother of Anvi Srivastav

It was really nice to be in this wonderful institution. I am impressed a lot by the academic faculty, the loving kids, nice and spacious building. I enjoyed the warm hospitality I received here.

The British School curriculum inculcates innovative techniques for learning and cultivates the very essential thought making process to develop the soul , mind and body of the child in the most appropriate manner so as to give our children that very important cutting edge in this extremely competitive world.

Constant and consistent efforts of the school administration towards upgradation and betterment of educational facilities make us believe that the phrase ” school of thought ” couldn’t have been more suitable for any other school than the ” THE BRITISH SCHOOL”.
Thanks and Regards

Mr. Kunal Arora, Father of Ranveer Arora

The British School is the only school we found where every teacher knows each and every child personally and even there names. Isn’t great! Both my children never used to mixup with other children. Its only few months since they have joined TBS, not only are the children welcomed into the school, but the parents are as well. Its not the satisfaction but a most rewarding experience for both of us and as well as our children.

Thanks TBS.

Dr. Garg


The Cambridge transcendency and the seemingly unique qualities of the British School made a special appeal to me when I was looking for a suitable school for my elder son after he finished his pre schooling. The word of mouth further enhanced its charm as satisfied parents recommended its merits to their friends and I was luckily one of them. Since then I am proud to be the parent of two students of The British School. Sending my younger son to the same school was an obvious choice as the past years of union with The British School has strengthened my belief in it.

Whenever we incorporate new changes in the present system or experiment with new ideas and thoughts some difficulties are to be expected. What is significant is how an organization handles and overcomes the pitfalls. I applaud the management and staff of T.B.S for being receptive to new ideas, thoughts and suggestions, for being constructively self-critical, never running away from inadequacies, seeking out their faults and weaknesses and correcting them. I congratulate everyone at T.B.S for converting opportunities into rewards, for thinking big and growing big.

I certainly believe that The British School has tremendous potential to set new benchmarks in the field of education. I wish T.B.S. a smooth sailing and luck for all its future endeavors.

Ms. Surveen Batra

  1. My kid has improved his English speaking skills and has gained confidence ever since he joined TBS. I am very happy with the school.            ( Manjeet Kaur)
  2. The environment at TBS is very impressive, the teachers are very friendly and easily approachable which makes for a smooth parent teacher interaction. (Mrs Nabonita)
  3. The Principal and Staff of TBS is very friendly.      (Mrs Manvinder Kaur)
  4. The confidence level of my child has increased and he is interested in all co-curricular activities now. He is now an all rounder so I am very happy.  (Chanchal)
  5. TBS has well educated teachers and a friendly atmosphere (Mrs Reet)
  6. TBS has plenty of activities to motivate and inspire learning among children
  7. TBS has good infrastructure and a well trained faculty.
  8. Excellent co-curricular activities for the overall development of the child.
  9. Modern teaching devices are used by Teachers.
  10. School conducts Abacus Classes for developing reasoning ability therefore students do not have to go anywhere else .
  11. Phonetics is given special importance at the pre primary level.
  12. The small Staff to Student ratio 1:2 in the pre primary classes is very effective